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  • Hampton Roads Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

No doubt Hampton Roads pigeons are the real nuisance and they are the dirtiest birds that carry lots of diseases along with them while leave the Virginia house and attic in a messy condition with pounds of droppings and feathers every day. So, it is must to drive them away from your property before much damage is happened. But at the same time it should be mentioned that it is illegal to kill or shoot a Virginia bird, so follow other natural methods to get rid of them permanently.

Here are some of the useful methods to keep this annoying bird away from your Hampton Roads house:

• Any kind of ledge is suitable for roosting and you should do something on those areas so that pigeon prefer to stay away from there. There are many Virginia bird nets, spikes and electric shockers available that can be installed in those areas. These things will prevent the pigeon from roosting in the shelf and gradually they will leave your house.

• In case you have dog at home, it will be helpful to keep the Hampton Roads pigeons away. Let the dog out and he will chase the pigeons such a way that the Virginia birds will be forced to leave. However, when the dog is gone, the pigeon will come back again so, repeat this situation and when the pigeons will feel that this place is not safe anymore, they will not think for roosting over there.

• Another tactic to get rid of the Hampton Roads pigeons is to make use of falcon that successfully controls the population of them and thus can save you from this nuisance birds.

• Close off all the entrances of your Virginia home through where they can get inside. The large openings and doors should be covered with heavy kind of curtains made of plastic strips. In case they get inside, make the flat surface sloppy using some useful devices and they will definitely find the place uncomfortable to stay.

• Hampton Roads Pigeons generally love to roost near human being as this is the area that has huge source of foods. So, do not feed the birds in any condition as this will encourage them to come back to your place for the search of foods and afterwards the Virginia pigeon will start roosting there.

• This bird also does not like spicy things, so spray some pepper, cayenne pepper on their roost very often and they will leave your property for sure.

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