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  • Hampton Roads Educational Article of the Month - How To Kill A Snake

How To Kill A Snake

How To Kill A Snake

Most people try to kill the Hampton Roads snakes with either handguns or with the help of some garden tools. But many people do not know that most of them got a bite when they tried these methods. So if you try to catch or kill the snakes using these methods, then it may give a bad result. You all need to know a few things about Virginia snakes before making any action.

Remember that snake will only strike when provoked and won’t strike for no reason at all. Another thing to remember is that all the Hampton Roads snakes see people as harmless and beneficial. So if you still want to kill the Virginia snake, here are some of the ways with which you can do it:

1. Hire a professional
Most amateurs who try to kill a snake tend to get negative results. So hiring a professional is the best option that you can go for because they have done this task many times and they are trained to do these kinds of tasks. There are many trained professional who do not necessarily kill the Virginia snakes but catch them and relocate them to some place far away.

2. Snake traps
If the snake is present inside your Hampton Roads house then you can go for traps to kill them. You have to put the trap in a strategic location where they can see the bait and fall for it. The most common places to set the trap are basement, garden areas or chicken coop. Also make sure that you check the trap often because if the Virginia snake dies then it will start to rot soon and that can be hazardous to the people living in the house.

3. Shooting a snake
This can be said to be one of the most difficult and challenging ways to kill a Hampton Roads snake. The reason is that snakes have small and slim body which makes them a small target. And it is recommended not to go for this method because the danger posed by disoriented and injured snakes is much larger than normal Virginia snake.

There are many ways to kill a Virginia snake but you are suggested not to do so because snakes in general do not pose much threat to us until we become a threat for them. Also if you want to get rid of the snakes, then go for live trapping as it is much easy and hassle free.

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