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  • Hampton Roads Educational Article of the Month - How To Remove A Wild Animal In The Chimney

How To Remove A Wild Animal In The Chimney

How To Remove A Wild Animal In The Chimney

You would think the chimney is the last place someone would want to live, but that is not true for some Hampton Roads animals who love taking up residence in chimneys. Usually, you wouldn’t know of their presence till you saw things falling into the fireplace when you open the damper or regular noises of scratching. So if you have established that there is an animal living in your Virginia chimney, then the next thing to do is remove it. Let us find out how.

If you do not have a cap then the Hampton Roads animal can be getting in and out of your chimney with ease, but if you do have a cap, then check for signs of damage on the cap which may be the reason why the animal was able to come inside the chimney. Now that you have established that the animal is using the chimney. You can use different types of exclusion methods to remove the animal from the chimney. The first thing is to use an exclusion device like an exclusion sleeve which will allow the animal to move out and once it is out the sleeve closes making it impossible for the Virginia animal to get back.

The only thing you will have to remember here is that you do not end up excluding the mother while her kids are still inside the chimney. They may end up dying which can cause another host of problems for you and it may also make the mother look for other ways to get inside your Virginia house.

You can also use a chimney trap to catch the Hampton Roads animal that lives in your chimney. If you are dealing with a mother and her kids, then this will make it possible for you to trap the mother and then relocate the mother with her kids. When relocating animals, it is best to leave them in an area that is suitable for them. Raccoons and squirrels should be relocated at least 10 miles from your property. Relocation can be difficult for the Virginia animals so it is best to at least put them in a place that they may have a chance to survive. Once the relocation is done, make sure you repair any damages in the chimney and install a chimney cap that will ensure that the animal does not return. It will also deter other animals from building a nest or taking up residence in your Virginia chimney.

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